Quality Assurance & Certification

Our Tableware has undertaken and passed the most stringent tests for safety and environmental concerns. Below is an overview of the testing, the results and what they mean. Our testing into 2 groups: those that have to do with health and safety (both testing and precautionary measures) and environmental testing.

Health & Safety Testing Anaerobic Plate Count – APC35C Test: Coliform and Yeast/Mold testing Result: Passed. All tests showed at below the minimum detectable amounts.

Phyto Sanitation Test: Before shipping, the container is fumigated and tested for safety. To be exported, the test is done before container stuffing is done.

ASTM D-6400 Test: Health, Composting and Composition. Maximum thickness of 2.8mm (2x the thickness of our standard product) using FTIR infrared

spectrometry, ash testing and AA (Acid Ash) heavy metals testing.

Result: our tableware was shown to pass against the standards for all 13 heavy metals.  our products are rated well below the acceptable level

Composability Testing ASTM D-6866 Test: Biological material testing Result: Bio-based determination showed a result average of 100%. Explanation: our products are completely natural. There are no additives, plastics, waxes or glues. ASTM D-6868 with pre-screening of ASTM D-6002 per OECD 208 Test: Composability and safety of composted material—summer barley used as the germinating spore. Results: Passed with 92% in 14 days. Additionally, plant growth was 66% greater than the base line soil test and 32% greater than the compost alone test.